ELV Solutions

Bestchoice provides whole sharp and low cost ELV Solutions Company in Qatar.

This allow you to stay in full control of your place be it home, company, school, public or private. Our team has large experience in Supply, Install, and Test ELV systems in Qatar. Qsmart ELV solutions in Qatar finally aim on the grow needs of the ELV market.

We design, build, install and support systems like data network, CCTV, PA systems, access control, and network cabling. Our united, high-end ELV solutions are all support by grow product and carried with better customer service. We are in the path to become the well known ELV Solution company in Doha Qatar.

Our core ELV Solutions in Qatar include:

  • Complete range of Fibre Optic Installation
  • Fusion Splicing
  • OTDR Testing and Structured Cabling Services
  • Troubleshooting etc...

CCTV Systems :- In addition to being a leader supplier and wide range of quality CCTV products (CCTV Camera, CCTV Monitor, DVR, Hard Disk and CCTV materials) which include the latest new trends. As CCTV Install leader in Qatar, we again offer CCTV installation for both offices and homes. Our leader team can help you get the right CCTV System to suit your needs and cost. Our services also include CCTV System Install, Support, Configure and Focus of brands like Hikvision, Securview & Bosch etc.

IP and Analog Phone Systems:- We further provide design and install of your IP phone system which smooth effective teamwork removing the distance fence. Our IP phone systems will moreover power you to share data and increase discussions leading to better decisions a nd business growth. We take up IP and Analog Phone System Install and besides Configure of brands like Avaya, Fortinet and Panasonic etc.

Door Access Control Systems:- Our door access control like Fingerprint detection unit, Proximity readers, Biometric & Magnetic strip readers, IP Based Solution and more. Qsmart provides the most up‐to-date & cost effective solution be it for a fully united system. We offer Door Access Install and Configure of brands like Zkteco and Suprema.

PA/ BGM System:- We take up design, build and install of PA System and music system projects. We can provide ceiling speakers, box speakers, line array, sub speakers, fire‐rated speakers etc. Outdoor install with industrial speakers, amplifiers, mike and mixers can also be provided brands like Yamaha, Bosch, Bose etc.